Best Shopping Center In Bali

Best Shopping Center In Bali

Best Shopping Center In Bali

Shopping is another important thing to do when you are in the holiday. In Bali as one of the most favorite destination for holiday, You can actually find some nice shopping destination as well. You can choose many kinds of souvenirs that you want to buy. The price is deoend on your needs. You can choose many kinds of products with many kinds of prices as well. Here we will share to you about some most favorite destination for shopping.

Pie Cening Ayu

Well, if you ask about what is the most favorite snack or food in Bali, many people may will say about the Pie Susu. In English, Pie susu meand Milk Pie. There are many kinds of pie susu seller, but you may find that there is a place called “Pie Cening Ayu” that sell Pie susu with a special taste. This place located near from another destination. Something nice about cening ayu is that you can see t

he way they cook it. Then, you can also taste a little tester of the pie susu in here. In this place, beside pie susu you can also find another nice souvenir for sure, such as keychain, statues, and another things.

Djoger Bali

Djoger is one of the most famous souvenirs store in Bali. Basically, Djoger sells shirt and another accecories such as Bag, sendals, and another apparel. Djoger is fampous by its unique product such us the funny words or quotes. People really like to shop in Djoger bacause it has a uniquen design with premium quality. Djoger also combine between the modern style and also the traditional style with some ethnic accecories. More than apparel, this Djoker also sell another accecories such as keychain, Mug, statues, glass, and many kinds of furnitures for your house.

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