Duration: 10 Hours
Location: Buleleng Bali
Price: $70
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When Balancing of Life Can Change Your Future


If you have persistent physical ailments or life questions you wish to ask, see Bali’s respected healers and palm readers for a fully private consultation. Combine this life-changing experience with a visit to Holy Springs Water for a purification ritual.


Visit a healer for advice on physical ailments, 
Receive guidance from a gifted fortune teller,
Develop Self Confidences
Consulting Career Problems
Finding Solution For Family Problems
Join the locals at a holy spring water temple for a purification ceremony
Experience a day of spirituality, meaning and deep conversation


Bali’s traditional healers, know as Balians, dukun or shamans, have been in the international spotlight since the book and movie Eat Pray Love became a worldwide sensation.These traditional healers play an important role in Bali’s culture by treating physical and mental illness, removing spells and channeling information from the ancestors.

While there are many who claim to be healers, we Balinese know who are legitimate and who are not. Depending on what you would like to get advice or direction on, we can bring you to see this healers or fortune tellers:

– Ketut Madena or known as Pak Jro Ketut- a Balinese medicine man since 1971 who is famous for curing physical and non physical illness, stress, depression-related issues, chronic back and knee problems, headaches, cancer, and many other maladies

What’s included:

My services as your guide and driver
Local Shaman Fees
Admission fee at Tirta Empul and Holy Spring Bathing/ Purification


The schedule is subject to change as the healers do not work on a fixed schedule and thus we might have to wait when we go to their home.

What you need to bring

Petty cash
Extra change of clothes – as you will be getting wet during the spiritual cleansing ceremony