Batur Sunset and Sunrise Hiking Camp
Duration: 2 Days 1 Night
Location: Bali
Price: $150
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Mount Batur Hiking – Experience the greatest and sensational mountain in Bali that Awarded as Global Geopark Network by UNESCO in 2012.

Itinerary Time
Pick up time at Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur. 12.00
Pick up time at Ubud. 12.30
Start Batur Sunset Hiking. 15.00
Arrive Camp for tent 17.00
Watching Sunset 18.00
Having Dinner 19.30
Wake up and Having Breakfast 05.00
Arrive Back at Finish Point. 10.00
Natural Hot Spring Bath 10.30
Back to Hotel 12.30

Unique cultural elements linked to the location have supported the Batur nomination : Lake Batur, the central water source for the irrigation of thousands of hectares of Bali’s lush rice terraces is managed in the local Subak irrigation communal landscape, that has thrived for centuries and is unique to Bali’s culture and religion. The Balinese Subak Landscape, has also just recently been recognized as one of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage.

Batur Sunset & Sunrise Hiking

  • Batur Volcano Hiking 1717M.

  • Active Crater Volcano.

  • Unesco Global Geopark Network.

  • Batur Lake View.

  • Natural Hot Spring.

“The inclusion of Batur caldera as part of GGN will bring a positive impact on tourist arrivals in Indonesia, especially Bali in the coming years,” Achyaruddin, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy’s Director of UNESCO.

Mount Batur Hike Camp Rate
$150/person, Minimum 2 Persons



Into the woods we go. Let’s join an overnight camping tour that brings you to trails and sights unnoticed by most who venture Bali’s favorite hiking tracks. A mixture of hiking and camping tour to see both a wonderful sunset and sunrise from the top of Mt. Batur Bali.


Equipment provided by EIGER®: Tent / Sleeping bag / Backpack / Trekking sticks and Warm Jacket

Set your tent and be ready to watch the sunset overlooking Java Island

Explore Bali’s favorite hiking trails in Bali

Stunning sunrise overlooking Lake Batur, Caldera Batur and Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island

Stopover at Batur Natural Hot Spring to relax your muscles after the hike



Watching Stunning Sunset & Sunrise Camping: At 1717 meters above the sea, “Mount Batur Volcano” is the most beautiful mountain in south east Asia and 2nd highest point of Bali. To get the best of this hike, we need a two days and one night to experience Sunset, Sunrise, mountain caving, etc. In this way we are able to have an incredible camping experience, we will spend a night on top of Mount Batur.

Hiking start in the afternoon at about 15.00 from our base at Toya Bungkah Village, Black Lava Hostel. The hike will take you about 2 hours depends on the amount of hikers and their physical condition. We will set up our tents when we reach 1500 meters above sea level where the best spots to see sunset.

At approximately 18.00, we will take in the sunset at the peak of the volcano 1717 meters above sea level. The hike from the camping ground to sunset view will take you 14 to 20 minutes. While you are enjoying the sunset view you will be served simple meal (often banana cooked with the steam of the volcano) with hot Bali Coffee and tea.

Right after seeing the sunset we will go back to the camping ground to prepare for dinner. We will cook dinner and make a lovely campfire. Some wine (locally known as Arak Bali and Brem) is poured around and we make a toast for a clear day and safe return. On full moon nights, it is incredible and on the dark moon you will be able to see more stars than you have ever seen before.

On the next day we will wake up a little earlier than your regular time. All of the hiking and camping gears should be packed before the coming of the other tourists who hike the volcano to see the sunrise. These gear will be taken care of by our potter. Prepare for the morning sights which are amazing. When the sun starts to rise, beautiful colors of purple, orange, pink and red appear. The sky slowly changes from black to blue while the clouds dissipate and re-form due to the temperature changes caused by the rising sun.

It is become the best moment to see the oceans. It is hard to put into words how amazing it is to watch this new day begin. You may have seen sunrises before, but surely few compare to one witnessed at the top of Mt. Batur. On a clear day we can easily see Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island.

Next after watching the sunrise, the hike continues and we will explore the 3 main craters of the volcano. This hiking will also take you to the recent black lava flow. This Passage will be completed at Batur Natural Hot Spring. Relax and recharge your mind at this infinity natural hot spring.


Equipment provided by the brand EIGER®:

– Tent for 2 persons or 1 person

– Sleeping Bag

– Backpack

– Warm Jacket

– Trekking Stick

– Head Lamps


What you need to bring


Your camera for some great shots

Extra change of clothes

Swimsuit for the hot springs