Munduk Bali Rice Terrace
Duration: 12 Hours
Location: Munduk Bali Trekking
Price: $70
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North Bali Adventure is the last paradise in Bali that presents outstanding value.


Bali Lovina Tours offers another primary great adventure package for who want to explore the exotic of north Bali scenery called MUNDUK ENVIRONMENTAL TREKKING
North Bali and especially Munduk Village are famous for beautiful scenery and a variety of fascinating views of walks or treks. Munduk is surrounded by tropical rainforest, rice terraces and farms producing traditional commodities. Visitors are welcome to explore this delightful microcosm of traditional Bali. The Munduk area with its unique nature and very agreeable temperatures (20-25 Celsius) is extremely suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities. Some of these Munduk hiking trails are easily done without a local guide but if you like to have background information about the area I recommend you to hire one, which is easily arranged through your accommodation in Munduk. We can organize different kind of trek range from 2 hours to half day trip.

1. Red Coral “Tanah Barak” Waterfall Trek
Start on a soothing walk to observe the coffee, clove, vanilla, avocado, and other plantation gardens. Then, refresh yourself at Red Coral Waterfall. Go back to start point via a different track where you will have the opportunity to see spices gardens and farming in action. Duration 2 hours, trek level: easy.

2. Loop Trek Containing a Number of Waterfalls
Start your trek to walk along the riverbank, finally arriving at Red Coral Waterfall. Continue this energizing trek to arrive at stunning and soothing Laangan waterfall, the highest waterfall in Bali. Afterwards, return to Puri Lumbung Cottages via a different path with home and spice gardens on the way. Duration 2 till 3 hours, trek level: medium.

3. Environmental Trek combining waterfall and rice field
Start heading to Red Coral Waterfall walking along the riverbank. We are still in Munduk area, next continue to Dayang area, home to a breathtaking concentration of terraced paddy fields. On the way return you will have the option to visit an Ancient Dutch Colonial style house. Duration 3/4 hours, trek level: easy.

4. Inter Village Trek
Walk from Munduk village to Gesing village where you will encounter one of nature’s many splendors: the giant Banyan tree. Centuries old, this sacred tree is the largest Banyan in Bali. After, head to Bolangan, Gesing’s neighboring village, to witness the spectacular landscape carved by layers of rice terraces. Duration 4/5 hours, trek level: medium.

5. Stone Water Spring Trek
Start walk to historic Batumejajah settlement. Legend tells that Munduk’s settlers came from the royal family in southern Bali via Tamblingan. An ant invasion forced settlers to flee to Munduk. Refresh yourself with the natural spring water flowing fm Batumejajah’s cliff stones. Return to Puri Lumbung Cottages via a different route. Pass through coffee, clove, vanilla plantations and rice terraces, as well as settlements along the way. Duration 3/4 hours, trek level: easy to medium

6. Dutch colonial trek
Start from Munduk Village to Pessanggrahan – the first guest house in Bali built around 1906 by Dutch colonials. Then proceed to a number of villages and settlements, rice terraces, coffee and clove plantations. This trek ends at Tamblingan Lake where you will be transferred by car to Puri Lumbung Cottages. Alternatively, take a different way back by hiking to Munduk village. Duration 4/6 hours, trek level: challenging.

7. World heritage Subak trek (Traditional Balinese water distribution system)
Traditional water distribution systems are known in Bali as subak. Start from Munduk Village to visit Subak SURADADI and then walk through a number of local spice gardens to finally reach Dayang. From there, you can walk and explore other subak, which include a traditional tunnel and public bath. This is an easy trek through rice field terraces and along small riverbanks. Duration 2/3 hours, trek level: easy.

8. Mendaum Riverside trek
From start we drive to the location of Mundukan Tingkih settlement’s water source. This is a sacred area where local villagers can perform religious blessing and cleansing rituals, or melukat. Following the river’s course, end at Laangan waterfall for a cooling break, then head back to Duration 3/4 hours, trek level: medium.

9. Tropical Fruit trek
Start by car from Munduk Village to Bestala village, visit nearby villages, and traditional Genggong music (on request). At Village Kayu Putih there are ancient sarcophagus/pre-historic sandstone coffins and several fruits in season (best time November to January). Duration 3/4 hours, trek level: medium.

10. Inter Lake Trek
Start from Munduk Village by car to Lake Buyan, a vegetable and strawberry plantation center, temples, Telaga Aye, which is the canal connecting Lake Buyan with Lake Tamblingan. Duration 2/4 hours, trek level: medium.
11. Balinese soldier long march
The route through mountain posts of the Balinese patriots who resisted the Dutch in 1945-1950, Balinese villages and plantations, view oldest and biggest banyan tree. Duration 3/4 hours, trek level: medium.

Exoticism Of Hidden Paradise

  • Tanah Barak Waterfalls.

  • Langaan Waterfall .

  • Tropical Plantations.

  • Tamblingan Lake.

  • Buyan Lake.

  • Biggest Banyan Tree.

  • Rice Terrace.

  • Batukaru Mountain.

Minimum 2 persons
We provide: Free pick up with comfortable vehicle in area Ubud, Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, and Nusa Dua, Experienced English Speaking Trekking Guide, Mineral Water.
You bring: Warm clothing, rain gear, and suitable shoes.
Duration: 9-12 hours tour.
Minimum Age: 8 years